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artbynow.com Help / FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions from our users and visitors.
Please look first here, if a problem arises. Thank you!
If you can`t find a solution here or have an idea, please contact us.
We will reply as soon as possible:  Mail to artists.de

If the links on this page don´t work, you are using an outdated browser.
We recommend a modern and secure browser such as Firefox or Opera.

General Questions

The main questions and answers for new and prospective members,
in particular to the costs !! Please read first.

Are there hidden costs? NO !
You will always be asked before any costs occur. In the case of sale of an offered piece of art the seller has to pay a provision.

Why there are only works of art - Where is the list of artists?

The concept of artbynow.com is to show art, like in an exhibition.
Our visitors are looking for paintings or sculptures, by size, price and also by certain content. If they are interested in a particular image, they click on "more information" and see the artist´s name, format, etc. and also other images of the artist. From there, visitors can also directly enter the profile of the artist's and, when interested get directly in touch with him.

However, if you look for a particular artist you may do this with the extended search and receive a list of artists which match your criteria. In addition name similarities are considered.

How does artbynow.com differ from other networks (like Saatchi, artmesh)?

First of all, artbynow.com focuses on the German speaking art market, which is one of the most exciting artmarkets in the world. Most German speaking visitors prefer to be guided in their language.

Second and even more important is our focus on the presentation of your artwork. Visitors can poke around or use comfortable extended search options to find artwork of their interest.

If I publish my works in english version, will it show in other languages too?

Yes, english and other language versions of artbynow.com (german, french, spanish e.g.) differ only in the user interface.
If you publish your work in either language, it will show up in all other languages too.

How can I sell my art with artbynow.com?

artbynow.com is not a dealing platform, but connects artists, collectors and interested visitors.
In the case of sale of an offered piece of art the seller has to pay a provision.

To offer a work of art you need to register at artists24.net, the marketplace for art..

How can I become a curated artist?

artbynow.com elects sometimes an artist whose work we find remarkable. This artist is presented minimum a week long on our homepage. The decisions are made solely and independently by the editors. Proposals unfortunately are not taken into account.

What possibilities for cooperation exists with artbynow.com?

We are thinking about cooperations with gallery owners, collectors, dealers and artists' associations of all kinds which want to integrate a larger amount of pieces.
We will provide special interfaces to our database.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of an exchange of promotional activities
with corresponding expected traffic.

Just contact us.

How does artbynow.com finance the website and pay its personnel if the membership is for free?

artbynow.com is free for artists and visitors.

However, we offer for a small fee a premium membership.
This offers you the advantage of an own professional website without additional effort.
On top there are many features included for premium members.

In the case of sale of an offered piece of art the seller has to pay a provision. The amount of provision fee paid, differs depending on the status with artbynow.com. Members with a premium account will pay a provision fee of 10% of the sales price. for all other (non premium) members the provision fee is 20% of the sales price. The provision fee will only be charged from the offerer. A provision fee for the buyer will not be charged.

More information about premium you will find here.

What happens with my personal data in artbynow.com?

Important personal data is transmitted through encrypted and secured connections.

artbynow.com will never offer any personal data to third parties.