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Artbynow Datenschutz
(english version is an automatic translation from the german text.
Please consider this. A correct translation will be attached soon.
We are sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.)

Artbynow Privacy

The sensitive and responsible handling of personal data of all users is responsible for the 4D Projects GmbH an issue of utmost importance.
Personal data and passwords are encrypted and stored will be encrypted using security certificates transferred.
All data protection laws and regulations of the 4D Projects GmbH scrupulously followed. To these privacy laws are primarily the Teleservices Data Protection Act (TDDSG), the Federal Privacy Act (Data Protection Act), the data protection provisions of the Telecommunications Act (§§ 85 et seq TKG) and the legislative requirements at EU level. The following privacy statement informed about how the protection and security of all personal data in 4D Projects GmbH accordance with current statutory provisions should be guaranteed.

Personal data

1.1 Necessary information when registering:
Artists.de is a social network. Like any network between people Artists.de also builds on the principle that its users to other users to a limited extent communicate information about themselves, which is also true. Only thus can a network like Artists.de ever useful work. Therefore, all users already at the top, i.e. in their registration ( "Registration"), asked the following minimum information about themselves to make:

     * Name
     * City
     * E-mail Address
     Username: *

Of these figures are only individual information made available to other users, namely:

     * Name
     * City

The remaining claims, i.e. in particular the e-mail address and password of the user obviously remain confidential, will be encrypted and only the administration of user accounts by 4D Projects GmbH

1.2 Optional information:
In addition, there are numerous possibilities of the user voluntarily additional information about themselves to make (such as hobbies, interests, etc.). These details are not necessary, but useful for other users to come into contact. Each user decides independently at their own discretion about what data it wants to disclose and what not.
Additional information about what users or any user group (s) what information in the different sections can see, the user will receive a corresponding link in each category in which these indications. A detailed compilation of all categories and all information which users or user communities the information in each Ribriken able to be found also in the privacy of information 4D Projects GmbH

1.3 "Account":
Through the personal settings in the "Account" There is also the possibility that certain information only certain people circles to make accessible. More information is available at the appropriate link under the heading privacy and the overview again in the privacy of information 4D Projects GmbH


2.1 The collection, storage, processing and use of the above personal data by 4D Projects GmbH according to the statutory provisions (in particular, Sections 3 et seq TDDSG and Sections 28, 29 BDSG).

2.2 The purpose of the collection, storage, processing and use of data by 4D Projects GmbH is solely the provision and maintenance of the 4D Projects GmbH its users with available social network. For each user, there is a possibility, as many own data set and depending on the user own ideas to other users or groups of users to make accessible. A broader purpose than the promotion of the structures of the social network is with the collection, storage, processing and use of data explicitly not prosecuted. Among other purposes, the data are not related.

No transfer of data to third parties

The 4D Projects GmbH, the personal data of its users to any third party, unless the user has previously stated his explicit consent or there is a legal obligation for data transfer. Where the user consent is granted, he may at any time with effect for the future by simple notification (e-mail, fax, letter) is revoked.

Creation of usage profiles

To offer Artists.de continuously improve, for example new sections or used up, the 4D Projects GmbH the behavior of its users on the network to analyze and to this end anonymous user profiles. The analysis of these user profiles under no circumstances is personal, ie the identity of the user remains unknown. The 4D Projects GmbH, in any case, both technical and human and organizational aspects that the anonymous user profiles with the personal data of users will not be merged (Section 4 TDDSG para 4).


5.1 Cookies are small text files that are either in memory temporarily or permanently on the hard disk ( "session cookies" or "persistent cookie"). Session cookies are not on the hard disk of the user's stored, but lapsed when closing the Internet browser program automatically. By placing cookies are the users anonymous user IDs assigned, but in no case Program on the computer of the user running or even computer viruses transmitted. 5.2 The 4D Projects GmbH session cookies used to authenticate the user at login. The use of cookies is therefore alone ensure the smooth operation and improvement of offers from Artists.de. 5.3 Each user has the attitude of its Internet browser program, the free choice whether he chooses to accept cookies, when setting a cookie each to be informed or reject all cookies.

Server log files

With each side calling the user transmitted through their Internet browser access data, which automatically logs the so-called server log files by 4D Projects GmbH will be saved. These data (such as IP addresses) can 4D Projects GmbH not readily assign certain people. A reunion of these data with other data sources, particularly with the personal user data will not be made. The 4D Projects GmbH created to safeguard the so-called data backups (backup), each for about four weeks overwritten and thus finally be erased. Where these backups log files, it will also be deleted. In the case of the complete erasure of a user profile are the log files are also deleted.

The log files contain the following information:

     * IP address, by the computer (but not the users) can be identified
     * Remote Host (name and IP address of the computer requesting the page) time, status, amount of data transmitted and the Internet, from the user to the page you came (referrer)
     * Product and version information from the browser (user agent).

The 4D Projects GmbH uses this standardized "combined" log format of the Apache Web server. The 4D Projects GmbH uses the log data (logs) anonymously, without assignment or references to a person for statistical analysis. The 4D Projects GmbH can e.g. know which days and at what times the offer of Artists.de especially popular and how much data volume at Artists.de is generated. Moreover, the 4D Projects GmbH through the log files detect possible errors, eg broken links or bugs, and the log files in order to further develop the bid to use. We are linked in the server log stored page views and uses not with individuals. 4D Projects GmbH reserves, however, the log files after the last known IP address of such Artists.de members to check where certain facts due to the suspicion exists that they 4D Projects GmbH websites and / or The 4D Projects GmbH Services Act or contrary to exploit. This serves both to protect the Artists.de members of the security of members Artists.de data, as well as the Artists.de sites and the Artists.de services.

Security (firewalls, antivirus technologies, etc.)

The 4D Projects GmbH set, constantly updated firewalls and other security to the users as far as possible from viruses and unauthorized access from the outside to protect. Nevertheless, the user should be aware that due to constantly emerging viruses and other means to attack on secure data systems, Internet services a hundred percent protection against attacks can not be guaranteed. For virus protection outside of the network is the 4D Projects GmbH is not responsible. For damage and destruction of data by unknown viruses, the 4D Projects GmbH also not responsible. The 4D Projects GmbH is discovered every attack by hackers, etc. civil and criminal prosecution.


Each user has the right to free information from the 4D Projects GmbH on his person stored personal data. The request for information in writing to the 4D Projects GmbH to judge. The inquiry is a certified copy of an official and valid identity card attached. The information will be mailed to the identity of the user's address delivered.

Rectification, erasure and blocking

Where the user the information given by him or corrected changes and deletes old records, they are by him previously entered data is automatically deleted entirely. A request for correction or deletion is not required.

Despite this, the user has the right at any time, the correction of erroneous data to ask about him in the Artists.de are stored. The easiest way for the user however, is its own records be amended accordingly.

Where the user permanently delete his profile and thus its membership in Artists.de ended, all of them formerly entered data is automatically deleted entirely. A request for cancellation is not required.

Despite this, the user has the right at any time, the erasure of all his personal data collected to require that about him when Artists.de are stored. The easiest way for the user, however, in this case is its own records to delete.

Unless the user to change, correct or delete his personal data required, this can be done by e-mail, fax or letter done. To correct the assignment request must at least include the following:

     * Name, first name
     * E-mail
     * Password
     * Address
     * Identification card copy (valid identity card or Reispaß)

4D Projects GmbH points out that even deleted data due to caching systems and the intermediate circuit of proxy servers may have up to 72 hours may be available.

Enforcement and compliance with this Privacy Statement

Data Protection

The trust of our users is important to us. Therefore 4D Projects GmbH wants its users anytime speak and answer questions regarding the processing of personal data. If you have questions, which this privacy statement and the privacy information could not answer, or to a point where depth information is desired, you can always contact our data protection officer to be transferred under the contact information:

4D Projects GmbH
Fürstenwall 228
40215 Düsseldorf

E-Mail: kontakt@4dprojects.de